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We are pleased to announce that we have the opportunity to introduce the Massage in Schools Programme in our school.  This programme is well established and used in schools throughout the United Kingdom.

What is Massage in Schools?

It is an inclusive programme of positive touch and clothed peer massage for children of 4-12 years.  Children wear their normal school clothes and give massage to each other on the back, head and arms.  A trained instructor or practitioner will teach the routine to the children.

Two members of staff have been trained as Instructors and 12 members of staff have been trained as Practitioners.

How will it benefit children?

Studies have shown that, when children give massage to each other, they become calmer, concentrate better and have more confidence.  It will address such issues as awareness of self , others and personal safety.  It will support our Personal, Social and Health Education curriculum.  It will compliment the many other initiatives we use in school such as Paw B, Play Buddies and protective strategies.

When and where does it take place?

Following an introductory period the class teacher will decide how and when the programme will be used in their class, the fifteen minute session may be at the start of the day or after lunch.

What can parents/carers do?

If you wish to find out more there will be a meeting for parents on Tuesday 20th February at 3.00pm and Thursday 22nd February at 9.00am at which we shall give further information and answer any questions.

Information is also available on the Massage in Schools Programme website,  www.misa.orguk and www.massageinschools.com 

Your child will be in a class taking part in this programme.  Please contact the school if you wish to discuss any aspect or have any queries.  If your child does not wish to give or receive massage they do not have to, but will remain in class as observers.

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