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Welcome to Athena

MinervaAthenaWelcome to Athena class!  My name is Mrs Townend and I teach the year 4 class.  Athena class is also very lucky to have other adults that teach us and support our learning.  Miss Mitchell teaches Wednesday afternoon, covering our PPA time with Mr Ash taking the children in the morning for Sport.  Miss Eastbrook and Mrs Mears support the children across the week.

Athena are in the second year of Key stage 2 and across the year will continue to develop their independence and their approach to learning.

‘Open your eyes’ is our theme this term.

And, we will be looking at our local area within Geography; including taking a short walk around the surrounding area of the school to observe and record some geographical features alongside some inquiry questions. We will be using our map skills and sketching skills for this. In Science, we will be learning about sound; exploring the different types of sound around our school; vibrations; ‘string telephone’ and making our own sound! This term we will be doing Art. We will be using a range of skills in PE to solve problems during the unit on outdoor adventurous activities. Athena will also be learning French, we include lots of games, rhymes and songs to help us to learn key phrases, numbers, colours and objects. We will also begin to look at ‘Growth Mindset’; how to learn to think about using the ‘can – do’ attitude in challenging situations be it social or educational.

Throughout all of our work we will make links to Life in Modern Britain and continue to further our Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural understanding through reflections and activities such as P4C.



Our Learning Updates

This we began to redraft our inquiry projects and using resources available - these are looking very good! Looking to present these next week alongside our homework presentations next week/last week.

We are excited for DT week next week - creating our volcanoes

In Maths, we have been adding and subtracting, finding equivalent fractions...

We finished our scene (play scripts) in literacy, and have performed these using narration, speech and stage direction to support our acting.

On Monday, we are looking forward to our Year 5 experience for Transition day and looking forward to seeing our new teacher!

We have had circle time in the week discussing our worries for next year.

More show rehearsals dance and singing.

Some of us went out with Mrs Jones for pupil voice about ‘Maths’.

We played tag rugby, football and cops & robbers in PE this week.

Athena class

This week we have been looking deeper into play scripts: narrator, stage directions and the use of language (adverbs and powerful verbs). The children have been grouped and have been rehearsing a specific play with a view to improving with all of the things that we have been learning. After our writing assessments (which started Friday) we will be coming back to this with a view to adding our own scene to this play.

Maths has been focused on revisiting the column addition and subtraction. We have all made good progress with this calculation as well as with our presentation of number/layout of this written method. We tackled some multi - step word problems using these two operations using the RUCSAC strategy.

Next week, we are going to be going back to multiplication and division of 2 and 3 digits by 1 digit numbers.

This week in inquiry, the class have been sharing thoughts of their class inquiry question and have begun to plan this.

We have also shared our homework inquiry questions/ideas - these all sound very interesting.

We all enjoyed 'Aqua night'!

Thank you
Athena class and Mrs Townend

How you can help!

These websites will help to support your child’s learning:

BBC Living things

History Homework Help

Science Homework Help

Poseidon iBoard

Please ensure that your child reads every evening and signs the Link Diary. It is still really important to hear them read regularly. We are hoping that all of the children will know their all of their times tables by July. 5 minutes practice a day is the best approach. Spelling is a real target for improvement in our class so any extra practise will really help


Home Learning

Year 4 are given weekly homework that is set on a Thursday and handed back in for marking on a Wednesday. This consists of an English activity and a Maths activity. The children are also given weekly spellings to learn which are tested on a Thursday morning.  Throughout the year the type of work that they will be set will vary with each half term having a slightly different focus.  MyMaths will be used at different points throughout the year as the set homework but is available all year round for extra practice.

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