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  Newsletter 16 July 2018  

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Hello Visitor,

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Nelson Mandela

Upcoming dates

  • Friday 1st December 2017 PACT Christmas Fayre from 6pm.
  • Tuesday 5th December 2017 Year 6 screening with school nurses.
  • Friday 15th December 2017 Interim reports to parents.
  • Tuesday 12th December 2017 and Wednesday 13th December Nativity for parents of Iris, Demeter and Apollo @ 2.15pm.
  • Wednesday 13th December 2017 Christmas dinner for children-changed date
  • Thursday 14th December 2.30pm Key Stage 2 Christmas Assembly-New date
  • Monday 18th December 2.30pm Key Stage 1 Christmas Assembly-New date
  • Tuesday 19th December 2017 PM Whole school to Panto at Lighthouse Theatre. 
  • Wednesday 20th December 2017 Last day before Christmas holidays.
  • Wednesday 3rd January 2018 Training Day school closed to pupils.
  • Thursday 4th January 2018  First day back for pupils.
  • Tuesday 9th January 2018 Come and read with your child @ 3pm.
  • Wednesday 17th January 2018 ‘Come and read’ session @ 9.00am in Iris.
  • Monday 22nd January 2018 Apollo assembly @ 3pm.
  • Monday 29th January 2018 Poseidon assembly @ 3pm.
  • Wednesday 31st January 2018 ‘Come and write’ session @ 2.45pm in Iris.

Community Event


Thank you so much to the families who supported our two community events. We managed to hold two events with the weather on our side. The first one when we painted and treated all of the wooden outdoor furniture and the second one when we began the outdoor project for Hall Meadow Forest School. Both events were well support and it was a good opportunity for the school and families to work together in a different way. The children who attended also enjoyed the time in school helping out painting and planting.

Thank you again.

Parent questionnaires

Thank you so much for the responses to the parent questionnaire. We had 60 responds to this which is extremely encouraging. There were some key areas which we can respond to and also look at for the future.

1. Clubs and wrap around care

Clubs have been a new venture for the school over the last year. We have attempted to run a range of clubs at a price which covers the costs. The school has developed this programme of activities based on discussion with the children and through last year’s parent survey. However, due to low numbers we will not be able to continue with this provision in future years. The price for these clubs is in line with other schools and covers the costs for the school to run these. Externally run clubs such as cookery are charged at the rate set by the provider.

The school will always review the clubs which we offer and try to introduce new clubs, however, this does depend on the numbers of children we have interested.

The school will not be asking the staff to run after school clubs, as this is not an expectation of teaching staff.

Regarding wrap around care, this is an area which we can investigate but again when we looked at this last year we only had low numbers interested which did not make this a cost effective option.

As clubs came up in the responses as a regular comment on this survey we will be investigating further options and will keep you informed.

2. Communication

We are always looking at ways to improve communication as a school and appreciate the feedback and suggestions on this.

3.Outside area

As I outlined in previous communications we decided to form our own Forest School in the outdoor area which PACT provided. This is a longer term project. The tress were donated by The Woodland Trust and were planted last weekend, with the help of some families. This is an exciting project for the school.

4. Not using the school as a Polling Station

The school is a county council building; therefore we cannot refuse to have the building used as a Polling Station. This is not a decision which the school governors or leaders can change.

5. Equipment and resources

Due to budget restraints equipment and resources are placed on a cycle as part of the whole school development plan. PACT also fund raise in order to support the school in purchasing more expensive resources. As budgets for schools will not be changing in the future we will need to continue to purchase in this way.

6. Opportunities for children at playtimes

Over the last year we have been working together to improve this facility; again with budget restraints this is more challenging, however, we are currently looking at ways to improve this provision and have been speaking with the children about the types of opportunities which they would like.

7. Prices for trips

When the school arranges any trips the cost to parents and carer’s is always based on the best deal we can get. We always shop around for the best price for transport. I have also passed on the comments regarding prices for discos to the PACT members.

8. I would like opportunities to see my child’s work

In the school calendar we have planned in a share your work session for 20th March 2018. If this is successful then further sessions will be planned into the school diary.

Hall Meadow Primary School Forest School Project

HM2411172We are really excited to inform parents and carers that our Forest School Project is now underway. The trees saplings have been planted and rockery areas developed. Again I would like to thank the families who supported the school in this project.

We now need to look after this area to enable the tress to grow and develop. 

The next step for this area is to build up mini-beast areas. For this we need stones, rocks or wood. If you have any of these unwanted in your gardens please let us know as I am sure that we can find a use for them.


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