Welcome Back Newsletter September 2018

  September 2018  

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Hello Visitor,

We are looking forward to welcoming you all back tomorrow.

This brief newsletter is to provide you with some important start of term information.


By the end of this week, your child will be bringing home the data collection sheets. Please can you make sure that these are updated and returned to the school ASAP. This will mean that the school office has up to date contact details for your child. The school requires at least two named emergency contacts.

If any medical information has changed please ensure that the school office is informed.

All medicines should be handed into the main school office and medical forms completed.

Diary dates

A calendar for term 1 and term 2 has been completed. This year, we have decided to update the calendar three times a year to avoid events being cancelled or rescheduled.

Please note that the first parent consultations will be held on the training day on Monday 29th October 2018. Further information will be distributed nearer to the date.

On Wednesday 12th September we will be holding our New Year Group evening. This year this will be held in the school hall at 5.30pm.

Absences from school

Please could I remind all parents that school absences need to be requested through the school office. Yellow forms are available from the office if you have an absence request.

If your child is unwell, then please contact the school office for each day of the child’s absence.

Our neighbours

Last year we have several instances where our school neighbours complained to the school regarding parking. Please could all parents and family members consider where cars are parked in order to avoid this. Please ensure you are parked appropriately so that we can continue with our positive relationship with our neighbours as part of the community.


Hall Meadow uniform should be as follows:


Purple sweater or cardigan

White shirt/long or short sleeved

Grey trousers/grey school shorts in summer

Black shoes

White/grey/black socks

School tie


Purple sweater or cardigan

White shirt/blouse long or short sleeves

Grey trousers/skirt/shorts in summer

Black shoes

White/grey/black socks or tights

School tie

 A purple gingham dress is optional in summer

Please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school at all times.

Valuables in school

Please note that children should not bring valuables, toys or mobile phones into school as we are unable to guarantee they will not get lost or damaged.


We are extremely pleased that we now have parents and family members coming into the school regularly. We will continue with this next academic year. We open our doors every Friday, starting on 14th September for our celebration assembly. These will continue to run from 3pm.This term we also have several other assemblies which families will be invited to. It is lovely to see so many faces attend these events. Please could I ask, that if you do attend any assemblies or open sessions, that you enter the building by the main school office.

Additionally, if you observe anything which you are concerned about, please notify a member of school staff, whether this be a concern about a child’s actions or a safeguarding concern, this must go through the appropriate school channels.

We are very much looking forward to the new term at Hall Meadow Primary School and working together in order to provide the best possible experience for all of our children.

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