Curriculum Updates September 2018


Friday 21st September 2018


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Hello Visitor,

The children have settled brilliantly into their new classes and should be very proud of their achievements over the first few weeks of the new academic year.

Key Dates

European Day of Languages – Wednesday 26th September

Harvest Festival –Wednesday 3rd October - Parents welcome to attend – 3.00pm

Egyptian workshop – Poseidon and Athena – Wednesday 10th October

Zeus Class Assembly – Monday 15th October – 3.00pm

Come and Read – Thursday 18th October - Parents welcome to attend – 3.00pm

Mufti Day – Red themed – Friday 19th October


The children have been working hard to improve their writing in all classes. They have been trying to improve their handwriting to ensure all letters sit on the line by using leading lines in the lower years, and joining their letters further up the school. The children have been creating excellent pieces of writing which we are looking forward to putting on display.

The majority of children have come back to school still demonstrating a love of reading. We would like the opportunity to thank those parents who are signing the children’s academic diaries at least three times a week. It is important for all the children, no matter how old they are, to be heard reading by, or with, an adult at home. This will help them to improve their reading and also allow them to see that their reading is being valued both at home and at school.


We have been very impressed with the children’s approach to learning in Maths. They are tackling the new curriculum challenges they are being set with perseverance and determination. In most classes the children are developing their knowledge and understanding of place value and the four operations: adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, at a level appropriate to their age range. In order to allow the children to be able to tackle the challenging problems they are met with in Maths, it is essential that the children have good recall of their times tables so you may find it helpful to practise these with your child at home.


In order to ensure our curriculum is as engaging as possible for our children, much of our learning is centred on a theme with many of the different subjects linked to it. This term, each year group are focussing on the following themes:

  • Iris – All About Ourselves
  • Demeter – All About Ourselves
  • Apollo – All About Ourselves
  • Poseidon – Temple of Doom
  • Athena – Temple of Doom
  • Ares- Meet the Greeks
  • Zeus – Meet the Greeks

Further information about the themes and the work each class does within them can be found on their class page on our website. Children or staff also complete a weekly blog about the learning that has taken place in their class each week.

We are really looking forward to continuing to keep you updated on the children’s curriculum achievements and inviting you to celebrate their work at various events throughout the year.

Thank you for your continued support.

B. Renshaw

Assistant Head Teacher

Additional Messages


Please can we politely ask, that if you park your car to drop off or collect your child from school, that you are considerate of our neighbours who are, on occasion, finding that their drives are being blocked by members of our school community.

Lost Jumper  

A child from Year 6 has lost their jumper. Please may we ask that you check your child’s uniform, PE bags, etc. to help find the missing item. The jumper has a named label in it. If you find the jumper, please could you return it to the school office. | Contact