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Hello Visitor,

Global Learning

Global Learning has always been on the agenda at Hall Meadow and for as long as I can remember; I have had the privilege of co-ordinating this.

Global Learning takes many forms and over the last ten years, we as a school have approached it from a multitude of different angles. For nine years continuously, we have been awarded Outstanding for our International Schools work, which has given children across the whole school a variety of opportunities to communicate with school children in different countries and learn about a multitude of cultures, as well as deepening their understanding of our own culture. We have used Skype to learn songs from children in Jamaica, we have used the traditional method of writing letters and sending by post, written cookbooks in conjunction with children from around the world and celebrated Cultural Learning Days in which we have each celebrated a different country, to name just a few of the wide range of activities we have been part of.

Last Year, Hall Meadow was the co-ordinating school for a Global Learning Project in which teachers from across the county came together to look at how Global Learning can also contribute to raising standards in Reading and Writing. The staff at Hall Meadow are always prepared to take on new ideas and we have seen learning about Fair Trade, Plastics, Food Wastage and viewing the world from different perspectives, happening in the classroom and then shared on our displays in the corridors.

Connecting Classrooms

In September, the Secretary of State wrote to schools asking us to join a new project, which will further develop the work we are already doing on Global Learning and,

 “aims to create partnerships between schools across the UK and those in developing countries. This will encourage pupils to learn about the Sustainable Development Goals and take part in projects and activities to address issues connected with these. It will give children in the UK the opportunity to act as ambassadors and learn about the world, while providing training and resources for teachers.”

As a school, our aim has always been to provide the children with the tools to develop Critical Thinking and through looking at global issues through the use of ”Philosophy for Children,” we are working towards giving all children the opportunity to form carefully created opinions. Our work on Inquiry Skills and Attitudes and how we weave this through our whole curriculum is showing evidence that the children are making progress in becoming confident individuals, who are able to justify and explain their ideas. By giving children the opportunity to ‘own’ their ideas, we are working towards moulding and shaping a future generation of Global Citizens.


This year, we have also asked the children to re-think the top twenty Values, which we, as a school, deem to be the most important and we are using these to form the themes of our assemblies and PSHE lessons. This all contributes to helping children understand the world around them and in a climate, which is unsure of the impact that fast developing technologies will have on our next generation, will help children to remember and keep with them a core set of morals for life- long learning. Look out for our Values Tree in the hall which shows our new top 20!


Key dates

  • Tuesday 30th October 2018 First day back after half term.
  • Wednesday 7th November 2018 Diwali assembly @ 3pm
  • Friday 9th November 2018 Remembrance Day assembly @ 2.50pm
  • Friday 9th November 2018 Non uniform day for Christmas Fayre.
  • Friday 16th November 2018 Children In Need-Wear your Pyjamas to school.
  • Monday 19th November 2018 School Photographs.
  • Year 5 & 6 County Cricket Coaching 22nd November
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