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Welcome to Apollo


Welcome to Apollo Class!

This Year you will continue to find Mrs Donald on Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Meeks on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Mrs Evans will be with us for most of the week which we are delighted about.

Mrs Donald will be teaching PE on a Tuesday afternoon , so make sure you   have your kit with you. Term 1 will be all about the skills involved in invasion games and while the weather is good enough, we will go outside, so trainers will be advisable and earrings need to be taken out.

Homework will be handed in on a Monday and usually marked and sent back the same day.

Spellings are given out on a Friday and will be tested in a range of ways the following Friday. If the children could make sure they have their homework books in their bags everyday so that we can practise spellings at any point during the day.

Similarly, please make sure you have your reading books in your bag everyday so that we can change around our reading sessions if we need to for any reason. Your child will have an independent reading book closely matched to their independent reading level and a guided reading book which will be a more challenging text. We work on this as a group once a week and it may take some time to get through a text, as  we explore lots of themes and skills to develop and enhance comprehension skills.

Please try not to read ahead with the guided texts as it prevents children from working on prediction skills based on what they already understand about the text.

This Term's Theme

Our theme for Autumn Term 1 is How Kettering has changed and we are using the local Historical figure of Charles Wicksteed as a stimulus for this. We will also be visiting Elm Bank Care Home to present some of our Harvest work to the elderly residents there and talk to them about how they remember Kettering.


This week we have been learning all about a lady from the past called Mary Seacole. She was born in Jamaica in 1805. Mary Seacole was a kind and brave lady who did a lot of great things to help people who were injured or ill. She travelled to the war in the Crimea to help the people affected in the battle.

In maths we have been revising coins and their values. We practised making amounts of money with different coins and solving word problems involving money. 

This term we are learning about Christianity and began with looking at the bible and how it is organised into different stories. We also talked about the 10 commandments and discussed what we think makes a good person. 

In Science we discussed what happens to materials when they are heated or cooled. We will be planning an investigation to prove what happens to chocolate next week. 

In a bid to boost reading support at home, next week in Apollo we will be rewarding three or more reads at home with a dojo!

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Home Learning

  • Key skills for this term will be 2,5,and 10 times tables - quick recall
  • Number bonds to 10, 20 30 and challenge to go further
  • partitioning numbers into tens and ones
  • applying spelling patterns into writing consistently
  • Recognising and applying Common Exception words in writing

About Us

At Hall Meadow we promote achievement in all areas and from all members of our community. We respect and value each person as unique. We work together to create an active, caring and high quality environment that encourages self-sustaining lifelong learning.


Teaching & Learning

We are a fully inclusive school, children are always at the centre of everything we do. The curriculum is innovative and provides maximum opportunities for intellectual, social and emotional development. The children study the National Curriculum through themes such as 'Keen to be Green'.


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