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What a fun morning we’ve all had, celebrating harvest festival at Elm Bank Care Home!

George – First we had to go to the toilet, take our jumpers off and put our coat on.

Jessica – Next we walked slowly out of school and up through the path.

Sam – After that we came to a forest along the path. I could see stinging nettles and I could see some doc leaves.

Jenessa – When we were walking through the path, we saw crunchy, small leaves and they were as green as peas.

Harriet – Eventually we came up to Elm Bank. I felt happy and excited.

Kenzie – We went to show the old people our poems.

Taylor – I had to read my poem out loud so they could hear.

Alisha – The old people’s faces were a little confused when we got there. When we started singing they were happy. They were smiling.

Isla – We shared our pictures, we shared our bread and shared our instructions for making the bread.

Adam – After our harvest festival, we went into the dining room to have a snack.

Vihaan – We had some sweets!

Mishal – Finally, it was time to go back to school after we had eaten our snack.

Oliver P – I enjoyed going to Elm Bank because I liked sharing my poem.

Marlo – I thought it smelt really nice in there.

What Is a Harvest Festival?

A harvest festival is a celebration of the food that is grown on the land. Celebrations giving thanks for our food, happen in many countries around the world. In Britain, harvest festivals are often celebrated in churches by bringing baskets of food to give thanks to God. People enjoy singing, praying, listening to stories and decorating the church.

In the past, it was not as easy to find food in the winter. It was important that farmers brought the harvest in before the cold winter came so that there was enough food until the spring.
Now, we bring food in from all around the world. Fruits and vegetables are available for us to buy at all times of the year.

Why Is Harvest Celebrated?

Harvest is celebrated to give thanks for the crops, which have been safely harvested. Christians thank God for the range of food at harvest and everything that helps the food to grow.

How Do We Harvest Our Food?

The seeds are planted and the food begins to grow.
The plants grow bigger and if they have fruit, it starts to ripen.
When the plants are ready to be harvested, the farmer collects the grains, fruit and vegetables, ready for us to eat.

Farmers use machinery to harvest some of their crops. The machines are big and are able to harvest the grains, fruits or vegetables much quicker than by hand. Some fruits and vegetables are too delicate to be harvested by a machine. They need to be carefully picked and stored so that they don’t get damaged.

How you can help!

  • PE days are Monday afternoon and Wednesday morning. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school (clearly labelled) and remove any earrings.
  • Homework is due on a Monday. It is the children’s responsibility to make sure that their homework is completed every week and placed into the homework box on a Monday morning in order for it to be marked.
  • Spelling tests are on a Monday morning and the following week’s spellings will be handed out on the same day.

Home Learning

Here are some activities that you can do at home:

  • Keep practising our ‘Harvest Samba’ song


  • This week we have been trying really hard to extend our sentences and make them a little bit longer. Can you practise writing sentences using conjunctions? Conjunctions are words that join sentences together like ‘and’, ‘because’, ‘but’ and ‘so’.
  • Here is a useful website to help practise spellings each week. Spell Zone has a range of games which link to the children’s spelling rule for each week. Why don’t you try the word search or have a go at the bouncing anagrams?



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