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This week in Apollo Class we have been exploring Anthony Browne books in more detail. We read the story of Gorilla and used it to plan our own ideas for a story then began by writing our opening paragraph using as much detail and description as possible. We also talked about subordinate clauses this week and how they are used to add more detail to a sentence. This is done by using joining words (conjunctions) such as because, that, so, if, when, otherwise or until. We looked at some of the author’s illustrations and found some really interesting things about his work such as :

  • They often contain puzzles and jokes 
  • They often have a feeling of strangeness and mystery 
  • They often take something ordinary and change it into something else. 
  • The more you look the more you see. 
  • Sometimes use spot the difference to bring out contrasts 
  • They don’t always have a happy ending. 
  • Sometimes they deal with difficult issues and feelings (being sad, feeling weak, lonely or powerless) 

Then we wrote some sentences which contained a main clause and then a subordinate clause. Here are some examples of what the children wrote: 

The hideous, black cloud floated slowly to the other side however, the sun pushed it away. 

A big, grey cloud was coming towards me really quickly because it was raining. 

The sad, angry monkey looked at the beautiful monkey meanly because he was on the dark side and wanted to be on the bright side. 

Can you work out which parts of the sentence are the main clause (make sense on their own,) and which part is the subordinate clause (which needs a main clause to be friends with and doesn’t make sense on its own.)

In maths we have continued with time and have been practising counting around in jumps of 5 minutes. Minutes past the hour is not too bad, but we are finding calculating minutes to the hour really tricky. Any help with this at home would be really useful. In the accompanying pictures you will see some examples. 

In Science, we have begun our new topic of Plants which will run through this term and over to next term. We have looked at some slowed down clips of seeds germinating and thought about what w want to know about plants that we don’t already. This ties in nicely with Science Week too.

We look forward to welcoming you to our class assembly on Monday 18th March and thank those of you who were able to spare 10 minutes to talk about the end of Key Stage 1 assessments in May. It was also lovely to see some of you at the work sharing afternoon and to be able to give the children opportunities to look back on the progress they have made since September.

Below is a link which was mentioned at the information morning. Some of you may wish to have a look at sample papers with your child just to help them feel comfortable with the layout and style of the questions.

Follow this link

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How you can help!

  • Application of knowledge of number bonds to calculate beyond pairs of numbers to 30 
  • Quick recall division and multiplication facts based on the 2,5,and 10 times tables but also using known facts to calculate unknown ones eg if 2 x 5 = 10 what does 2 x 50 = ? 
  • Picking out important information in word problems and comprehensions 
  • Reading longer texts and looking deeper into key themes and characterisation 
  • Making links between books we have read 
  • Using inference and deduction and showing an understanding of what we read to answer questions about a text

Home Learning

  • Daily 10 
  • Reading at least 3 x a day 
  • Re-telling the events or facts from what you have read 
  • Exploring spelling rules for words with suffixes –ing, -ed, -er, -est

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