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This week we have been planning a leaflet all about what we have learnt about Kettering this term. We have looked at ways to engage the reader by using questions, statements and commands and have had to think carefully about how to organise our writing into sections and headings. We hope to send these leaflets to children in schools around the world, in the hope that one day, they might come to visit Kettering.

In Maths we have been using resources to subtract. We have talked about times in everyday life when we use subtractions and have used Bar Model method to take away part from a whole. Some of us have had a go at using number lines to check our answers too. 

In Science, we have talked about things that humans and animals need to survive. We also talked about things that make us happy and healthy and compared them to things that we need. In groups we made decisions about which things were more important than others and used the skills or explaining and justifying to talk about our answers. 

On Thursday we enjoyed a class visit to the library, where we learnt how to take out and return books. All of us spent some time browsing the books and reading to each other. 

After visiting the church briefly to have out lunch, we went to the Museum to learn about how Kettering has changed over the years. We also visited the Alfred East Gallery to look at the Art which was on display there. 

Next week, we will use the information to put into our leaflets. 

There will be no new spellings for Mrs Meeks’ group this week, but we ask that the children go back over the last three weeks (kn, gn, wr and soft C) and the Common Exception Words for next Friday.


Choose a Langauge

How you can help!

Practise number bonds to 20

Talk about arrays in everyday life such as egg boxes (2 x 3 and 3 x 2)

Talk about 2D and 3D shapes in everyday life

Continue to practise spellings and particularly Common Exception Words.

Encourage use of phonics when spelling words

Try out some simple Jamaican Recipes at home

Look at maps and globes and reinforce continents and places in the world

Talk about links your family have with other places in the world

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