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Welcome to Ares


A warm welcome to the Ares Class web page! I am Mrs Green and I am the class teacher in Year 5. Ares are very luck to work with a number of other adults too. Mrs Mears support and conducts interventions and extension work on Wednesday afternoons. We are lucky to have a sports coach, Mr Palmer on Tuesday afternoons whilst I have my PPA time. We are an extremely hard working class who also like to have lots of fun with our learning!

This Terms Learning

Our theme this term is ‘Extreme Earth”. We will be exploring the different natural disasters which happen on Earth and learn how and why they occur. In Science lessons we will be learning about t ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’. We will be learning about how plants reproduce and grow as well as animal life cycles. We will be conducting lots of exciting experience to deepen our understanding. This half term, our RE lessons will focus on ‘Who’s World is it?’. Throughout all our work, we will further our Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural understanding through various activities such as P4C.

Our Learning Updates


This week in English, we have been learning about stories from another culture such as: Zahra and Mufaro’s beautiful daughters. We have been looking and finding out what each story consists of to help us to understand the techniques the authors have used and help us write our own versions. This week we wrote our own story from another culture. When we had written our draft we edited them with fresh minds helping us to spot any errors or improvements we needed to make. After this process, we then wrote them up in neat using all of the amendments and the language techniques to make it a good piece of work 

Bailey quoted “I enjoyed seeing and finding out the morals of the stories which I enjoyed reading” 


This week in Maths we have been interpreting and reading data on a line graphs which we are starting to create using data we already have. Line graphs are a table used to show data over a period of time .The x axis the horizontal (across) line at the bottom regularly shows the length or period of time something has happened. The vertical axis (the y axis) is used to show or the measurements of the data. 

Louis explained “line graphs are easy to use as you can look very easily at them and find an answer on it.” 


This week in inquiry we have started creating our projects to show off our research and information. This year we have been focusing on humans’ impact on earth. Some of the groups are very excited to share and finish off final touches to their project.  


Please return permission slips for the Light House Theatre. The show is getting closer! 

Next week is forecast to be a very hot week! Please ensure sun cream is applied, hats are worn and water is bought to school every day. 

Swimming lessons are on Friday afternoons.

This week in Ares class we had Mrs Renshaw until Thursday afternoon, because our teacher, Mrs Green, went on residential with year 6. This week we experienced lots of tests so our next year teacher knows what to and what not to teach us. We completed SpaG papers; mathematics tests and reading tests.

In Philosophy, we talked about the internet and cyber bulling. We also talked about how it is taking over our lives. We created many juicy questions (questions that aren’t yes or no answers) where we had to answer them using lots of thinking e.g. ‘are mobile phones taking over human society?’ We answered them with reasoning to back them up. We all got into a circle and sat in our chairs and respectfully listened to every one of our classmates opinions. By the end of the lesson, most of us had different opinions, and some of us changed our minds from the start of the lesson

“I thought that social media is taking over human society because people aren’t communicating with each other because they are on devices and social media.” Explained Keira, “Also, even if they are chatting to people on social media, it’s not physically speaking to one and other”.

Design Technology

In design technology (D.T.) , we made some houses(not real ones) that were linked to our topic ‘Extreme Earth’ were we talk about all the natural disasters in the world e.g. landslides; floods; tsunamis; earthquakes; volcanic eruptions; wild fires; avalanches; hurricanes; tornados and droughts. We had to make the houses waterproof, shake proof and wind proof. They also had to have 2 floors and 4 bedrooms. We used materials like cardboard, bubble wrap, cling film, cereal boxes and tape to hold it all together (a lot of it!)

“We used a different variety of recyclable materials to build our houses.” Quoted Lottie, “My group and I experimented with different materials to see which ones were the best. I found it very fun but also quite challenging especially because we only had an hour.”


This week in art we had to draw a picture representing natural disasters e.g. a tsunami, a volcanic eruption, a flood, a tornado or (if you wanted to) an earthquake. We could either use pastels, chalk or colouring pencils. We used a different range of techniques when drawing the pictures such as smudging. We also used a range of colours to give the pictures effect.

“I really enjoyed it because it was calming and also very fun because I really like art and we don’t get to do it often,” said Grace.

Ares News Updates

How you can help!

  • PE day is Tuesday afternoon. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school (clearly labelled) and remove any earrings.
  • Homework is due on a Monday. It is the children’s responsibility to make sure that their homework is completed every week and placed into the homework box on a Monday morning in order for it to be marked. Homework is handed out on Tuesdays.
  • Spelling tests are on a Friday morning.
  • Timetable tests are on Thursday morning.

These websites will help to support your child’s learning:

Home Learning

  • PE day is Tuesday afternoon. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school (clearly labelled) and remove any earrings. 
  • Homework is due on a Monday. It is the children’s responsibility to make sure that their homework is completed every week and placed into the homework box on a Monday morning in order for it to be marked. Homework is handed out on Tuesdays. 
  • Spelling tests are on a Friday morning. 
  • Timetable tests are on Tuesday morning.

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