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Welcome to Athena



A warm welcome to the Athena Class web page! I am Mrs Green and I am the class teacher in Year 4.

Mrs Mears will be in the class three days a week supporting learning and conducting interventions.

We are lucky to have a sports coach, Mr Palmer on Tuesday afternoons whilst I have my PPA time.

We are an extremely hard working class who also like to have lots of fun with our learning!

Our Learning Updates

Our theme this term is ‘Rainforest Cafe. We will be taking a virtual trip to discover what life was like in North and South America. Our English lessons will focus on Poetry which creates images within first half of this term before moving onto Persuasive Writing. We will be developing our reading, writing, analysis and presentation skills through these focuses. In Science we will be investigating ‘Electricity’. We will be learning about how items are powered, safety and building electric circuits. In RE we will begin the topic ‘Christianity’. Throughout all our work, we will further our Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural understanding through various activities such as P4C. 

It has been a very frosty week, but Athena class have worked super hard!

This week in English, we wrote a letter persuading people to recycle! We used a lot of the AFOREST features to convince people that they need to recycle to protect our planet.

“You should recycle your used plastic so you don’t add to the 8 million tons of plastic being dumped in the Ocean”
“The amount of paper we throw away each year is enough to heat 50 million homes for 20 years!”
“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”

In Mathematics, we have continued to learn strategies to multiply numbers together. This week we built our confidence with short multiplication and learnt long multiplication.

“I liked short and long multiplication as you do it in steps”
“I have been using all the times tables I have been learning at home all week!”

We have started our DT projects! We are creating electrical gadgets to take to the jungle. Firstly, we had to research existing gadgets and items used by explorers. After, we designed a gadget in groups. One group is making a hat with a torch attached; another is making a heated sleeping bag; while others are making shoes which light up the way! We are hoping to finish these on Monday.

Tuesday is pantomime day! Please bring a packed lunch.
Wednesday is Toy day.

This week we have been thinking about gratitude. Everyone wrote a tag to say what they were grateful for, these then went onto the Christmas tree. All adults are welcome to write their own grateful tag to go on the gratitude tree.

In English, we have been continuing to learn how to persuade people through adverts using AFOREST. We created an advert to persuade people to buy items to help them survive in the jungle!

“I chose to persuade people to buy a super soft and safe inflatable boat as the rivers in the rainforest are dangerous!”
“I persuaded people to buy brilliant bugs spray. You can’t go to the jungle without it!”

In Mathematics, we have been using our times table knowledge to multiply numbers together. This week we focused on the short multiplication grid method. We solved multiplication problems and chose the method we preferred.

“I really like short multiplication as it was a new method.”
“I preferred the grid method as it’s clearer to set out”
In Geography, we created posters to show the importance of protecting the rainforests from deforestation!

This week our key inquiry skills is: Explain

How you can help!

These websites will help to support your child’s learning: 

BBC Education Site 

Homework Help Site

Kids World Travel Guide

More BBC Education1 

Please ensure that your child reads every evening and signs the Link Diary. It is still really important to hear them read regularly. We are hoping that all of the children will know their all of their times tables by July. 5 minutes practice a day is the best approach. Spelling is a real target for improvement in our class so any extra practise will really help


Home Learning

Year 4 are given weekly homework that is set on a Tuesday and handed back in for marking on the following Monday. This consists of an English activity and a Maths activity. The children are also given weekly spellings to learn, which are tested on a Friday. The mental maths test will be on a Thursday morning; this will consist of either times tables or number bonds.

About Us

At Hall Meadow we promote achievement in all areas and from all members of our community. We respect and value each person as unique. We work together to create an active, caring and high quality environment that encourages self-sustaining lifelong learning.


Teaching & Learning

We are a fully inclusive school, children are always at the centre of everything we do. The curriculum is innovative and provides maximum opportunities for intellectual, social and emotional development. The children study the National Curriculum through themes such as 'Keen to be Green'.


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