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It has been a very busy week in Demeter, with lots of fun things going on as we reach the end of our Inquiry Project.

Isla said, ‘ We have been continuing our work on our Dinosaur Inquiries and made from covers’  and Oliver P added, ‘We have been learning all about how the Dinosaurs have become extinct. We learnt lots of theories as no one was there to see it’. Sam told us, ‘One of the theories was that flies and mosquitoes spread diseases that killed the dinosaurs’. Emmie said, ‘Another one was that the dinosaurs died out because an asteroid hit Earth in South Mexico, which caused lots of ash and tsunamis’, although Oliver thought ‘A volcano could have erupted and spread poisonous gas all over the world’. Zachary mentioned, ‘The last theory was that the dinosaurs died because the weather got colder, so all the plants died and the dinosaurs had nothing to eat’ and Emily said, ‘My favourite theory was the Asteroid because we know there are asteroids in space and it could easily have bumped into Earth’.

Somehow, we have managed to fit in some other interesting work too.

George recalls how, ‘In literacy we have been learning about Room on the Broom.

We wrote some notes when we listened to the story and used them to help our sentences’. Darcey says, ‘We have chosen a character from Room on the

Broom and wrote a diary entry about their day. I did about the cat and the cat put a pine cone in the cauldron’. Jenessa tells us, ‘ In maths we have been doing measuring and we measured lots of different things with rulers, meter sticks and other things’, and Adam adds, ‘We went outside to use trundle wheels to measure how long out top playground was’.

We are Super excited about our trip to the Dinosaur Farm Park on Monday. Thank you to everyone that has volunteered to come with us, unfortunately we don’t have the room to accept everyone’s kind offer.

How you can help!


  • PE day – Friday morning. Please remove earrings for these lessons and make sure girls have socks in their PE for when they are wearing tights at school.
  • Homework – due on Mondays
  • Spellings – tested on Thursday
  • Please have your book bag in school every day with all your books in your folder.

Web links to you to use at home with your child

Home Learning

Activities you can do at home

  • Read every day
  • Practise your high frequency words/common exception words
  • Practise your spellings
  • Spot the sounds in words, can you find digraphs and trigraphs?
  • Count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s
  • Learn your number bonds to 10 and 20
  • Practise telling the time
  • Colouring books to improve fine motor skills
  • Ask your child to retell something they did at school

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