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Welcome to Iris


Welcome to Iris Class and thank you for being part of the children’s learning journey as they begin their time at Hall Meadow. Mrs Dickens is the Iris Class Teacher and Mrs Coles, is a Higher Level Learning Support Assistant working alongside Mrs Dickens. We are also really lucky to have additional adults in Iris Class during the week including our Sports Coach and Learning Support Assistants. In Iris Class we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum which is fun, creative and has lots of cross-curricular links.

We integrate the Massage in Schools program into our day and think carefully about how to have a healthy body and a healthy mind. We work really hard to increase independence skills including developing a really positive approach towards our learning. Whilst in the first year at school we aim to equip the children with the skills, attitudes and positive approach to learning that they will need to be effective learners for the rest of their time at school and ultimately for the rest of their lives.

We look forward to working together with you during the year.

The Adventures of Super Duck!

This term we will be taking a journey through ‘The Adventures of Super Duck!’ 

Fix-It Duck 
“Plop! goes the drip that drops from the cup. 
Duck looks down and Duck looks up. 
A leak in the roof, oh! What bad luck! 
This is a job for FIX-IT-DUCK” 

Duck has a passion for fixing things, but when he’s on the job, the trouble begins. This term we will become ‘fixers’ and help FIX-IT-DUCK with his DIY skills. Our first mission is to fix together all of the cardboard boxes we are bringing in for our ‘Cardboard Chaos’ day. What will you build? What materials will you use to fix the boxes together? Will you come across a problem like FIX-IT-DUCK? How will you resolve it? 

Farmer Duck 
“There once was a duck who had the bad luck to live with a lazy, old farmer. The duck cooks and cleans, tends to the fields and cares for the other animals on the farm – and all while the farmer lies in bed! The farm animals are very fond of the duck… so they hatch a plan.” 

This term we will working really hard, just like Farmer Duck! We will be thinking really carefully about our own talents and the things that make us special. We will continue to learn how to make new friends and how to stand up for ourselves – just like Farmer Duck! We will be looking very closely at the illustrations in this book and using them to create our own farm pictures using the painting easels. In the classroom, we will be using the farm mat and farm animals in our role play, taking on the different roles within the story. We will be labelling all the different animals on the farm and using different writing materials to practise sounding out and writing these words down. 

Super Duck 
“Make way! Super Duck is here! Can super duck save the day?” 

For those of you who have met Super Duck, you will be familiar with his extra special, super cape! This term, we will be using Super Duck’s cape to help us carry out an investigation into different materials. What materials can we find out about? What do they feel like? Are they hard? Soft? Bumpy? Rough? Can you find a material for Super Duck’s cape that is waterproof? We will also be learning all about freezing and melting to help Super Duck solve problems in the classroom. 

Duck in the Truck 
“This is the tale of a duck in a truck - 
a truck that was stuck in some yucky brown muck. 
A sheep in a jeep and a frog in a bush 
saw the truck stuck and gave it a push. 
But the truck stayed stuck!” 

What a fantastic book to practise our rhyming words! This term, we will be using this book to develop our writing skills. We will be learning lots of new sounds and will be using these to write words from the story. We will be thinking carefully about how to put these words into sentences and begin to use our tricky words and high frequency words in our writing. We can’t wait to see what fantastic sentences you’ll create based on this story! 

Captain Duck 
“‘Ahoy there, sailors!’ comes a cry. 
‘Is this a boating trip I spy?’ 
If there are seas to be explored, 

As usual with Duck, things get terribly out of hand when he takes the long-suffering Frog and Sheep on a trip out to sea in Goat’s boat! Using the illustrations from this story, we will be using a graphics program to create our own pictures of Captain Duck and all of his animal friends. Which character will you create? What colours will you need to select? Can you erase parts of your picture if you make a mistake? 

Let the adventures of Super Duck begin…

Our Learning Updates

Wow! What an exciting start to the week we all had! 

On Monday, the children kick started their learning with a ‘Cardboard Chaos’ day. The aim of this day was to celebrate imaginary and creative play by allowing them to bring in a box from home and use it to create something spectacular. 

We began the day with our lead text for this week, ‘Fix-It-Duck’.  

“A leaking roof? A window stuck? These are jobs for… Fix-It-Duck!” 
“He’s got his tools, he’s smart and he’s strong. What could possibly go wrong?” 

To get into character, Iris class all became ‘fixers’ for the day and their first task was to think about some ideas for what we could do with all of the cardboard piled up around the classroom. Some children had the idea of creating Fix-It-Duck’s house and others wanted to design the inside of the house, including a cooker and all of the different foods that could be cooked inside! As our ideas began to flow, we decided that it was time to get to work… 

And what amazing fixers we all were! Inside the classroom, a group of children were busy creating a house so big that they could fit 5-6 children inside! They made a chimney to go on top, a TV to go inside (just like Fix-It-Duck) and some windows and bricks around the outside of the house. Another group of children worked well as a team to create a person out of the boxes. They added a head, a body, arms and legs and then decorated their person using lots of decorative collage materials. On the carpet throughout the day, there were large, plain sheets of cardboard on the floor. By the end of the day, these sheets were colourful and bright, full of wonderful designs the children had created using different mark making tools. Outside, a group of children worked together to create a little cubby house that they could climb inside and a ladder for Fix-It-Duck to carry out his jobs. 

Just like Fix-It-Duck, the children did come across some problems they had to solve along the way. Izabelle was super busy and created a cooker with a door that opened and closed, plus lots of chopped up food to cook inside. When she was attaching the pieces together, she used a glue stick. “It’s not sticking,” she said. “I know, I’ll use sellotape instead!”  

Throughout the day, we looked carefully at how we could make our models stronger and sturdier. We thought about whether or not it would be best to use glue or tape to join the cardboard together and also talked about how to overcome problems as they arose. All day, the children worked really well as part of a team. They helped each other hold things in place, they shared their ideas and worked collaboratively to achieve something they were all proud of. 

Well done for a fantastic start to the week Iris Class!

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Home Learning

At the beginning of each new term the children will receive a booklet of home learning tasks and activities for them to complete and work on each week. The most important part of home learning is to talk with your child, read to, and with your child, every day and record this in their School Planners and allow them to think for themselves and develop their independence skills. After Christmas, as the children become developmentally ready, they will each have a small number of simple words to learn to spell each week.

How you can help!

Help to develop questioning skills and encouraging the children to record their own independent learning would really help the children.

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At Hall Meadow we promote achievement in all areas and from all members of our community. We respect and value each person as unique. We work together to create an active, caring and high quality environment that encourages self-sustaining lifelong learning.


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We are a fully inclusive school, children are always at the centre of everything we do. The curriculum is innovative and provides maximum opportunities for intellectual, social and emotional development. The children study the National Curriculum through themes such as 'Keen to be Green'.


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