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Having learnt lots about Rome and the Romans so far this term, we took it back to the start this week and our English focus was how Rome was founded. The children worked in small groups to re-tell the story through a drama performance. Everyone had lines in their performance and all showed a great understanding of the mythical story.
On Friday, we turned the classroom into an amphitheatre and everyone showed great respect and enthusiasm towards each others performances.

In PE this week, we have continued looking at invasion games and everyone had great fun. PE is really helping with our team work skills because often we are working in a different group every week. Harriet said "I really liked PE with Mr C this week because he taught us basketball skills and we played lots of fun games."

We had an extra sports lesson this week as we had a visit from Football Development Schools. They came and taught us lots of different football tricks and skills and taught everyone fun games involving a football. Anais said; "I really enjoyed the football because I have never played before."

We had the FDS visit this week and Anais said: I really enjoyed the football because I have never played before.

In PSHE we finished off looking at our dream schools and our nightmare school. Liv and Kenrick included things such as; unhealthy food in their nightmare school and in their dream school they included lots of fun games and toys to play with. After looking at what everyone had put in their dream school we all very quickly decided that rules/a code of conduct were needed, even in a dream school!

Next week we will be looking at how to write a balanced argument in English and moving onto addition and subtraction in maths.

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Practising spellings with your child for a short time regularly is the best way to help them learn. Reading at home with your children regularly is also a great help to their learning. Children have an independent reading book that they take home with them and this can be changed within the classroom once they have finished reading it. Each child then works within a group to read a more difficult book, guided by an adult. This is a guided session so we talk through the book in lots of detail.

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At Hall Meadow we promote achievement in all areas and from all members of our community. We respect and value each person as unique. We work together to create an active, caring and high quality environment that encourages self-sustaining lifelong learning.


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We are a fully inclusive school, children are always at the centre of everything we do. The curriculum is innovative and provides maximum opportunities for intellectual, social and emotional development. The children study the National Curriculum through themes such as 'Keen to be Green'.


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