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In English this week, we have written a letter about our trip to the Lighthouse Theatre which was a press launch of the pantomime Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This will be used as a ‘cold write’ which means that it will be used to see what areas of letter writing we need to work on. Later on in the half term our ‘hot’ write will be writing a letter as Jim Jarvis, Street Child, to his sisters Emily and Lizzie telling them about his life in the workhouse. Milan said that thought that he was already improving his letter writing skills.

In Maths this week, we were adding and subtracting decimals. We have also started to learn long multiplication. On Friday we were applying our multiplication skills to word problems; some were very tricky!

Our history this week, was to find out about Queen Victoria. To present our information we created fact files about the monarch. Some of the facts we have learnt are:

• Queen Victoria was born on the 24th of May 1819 in Kensington Palace in London
• She was just 18 when she became Queen in June 1837
• She married Prince Albert in February 1840
• She had 9 children
• Queen Victoria died in January 1901, aged 81. She had reigned for over 60 years

Written by Limmany and Niamh


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Home Learning

Year 6 are given weekly homework that is set on a Friday and handed back in for marking on a Thursday. This consists of an English activity and a Maths activity. The children are also given weekly spellings to learn which are tested on a Friday. Homework is an important part of a child’s transition to secondary school, as when they are there they will be expected to balance and meet deadlines, so please encourage your child to complete their homework on time. Your child may also want to complete extra revision of topics they have struggled with at school.

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We are a fully inclusive school, children are always at the centre of everything we do. The curriculum is innovative and provides maximum opportunities for intellectual, social and emotional development. The children study the National Curriculum through themes such as 'Keen to be Green'.


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